マスターミックススタジオズの2階に位置する STUDIO B は陽が差し込み、リラックスしてダビング、ミックス作業が出来る環境です。ブースもありヴォーカル、アコースティックのダビングに最適です。

Our newest addition, Studio B is located on the second floor of Master Mix Studios.

Comfortable and relaxing space for overdubbing, mixing and editing.

Studio B has become one of our most favored rooms !

Acoustic Designed by Sam Toyoshima




SPL MIX DREAM Analog Summing Unit with 16 Inserts

CRANE SONG Avocet Monitor Controller

API 512C Mic Pre and 550B Equalizer

Focusrite ISA828

16/16 1 Card PTHDX System

YAMAHA 10M Studio


Control Room

Control Room

Control Room