mayo                                             Album「Good Time」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

サーカス                                        Album「POP STEP 40」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

ユーミンx 帝劇                             WOWOW「ユーミンx 帝劇」                                                                     Tracking and Mixing

山崎 育三郎                                   DVD「山崎育三郎LIVE TOUR 2018 keep in touch」                              Tracking and Mixing

寺岡 呼人                                       WOWOW「寺岡呼人 バースデーライブ50歳50祭」                          Tracking and Mixing

SEVENTEEN                                 DVD「SEVENTEEN 2018 JAPAN ARENA TOUR ‘SVT’」                              Tracking and Mixing

古澤 剛                                           Single「キミのチカラ」                                                                                Mixing

CHEMISTRY                                 WOWOW「CHEMISTRY LIVE TOUR 2017-18 Windy」                              ON AIR Engineer

SEVENTEEN                                DVD「2017 SEVEN TEEN 1ST WORLD TOUR」                                          Tracking and Mixing

寺岡 呼人                                       WOWOW「寺岡呼人 バースデーライブ50歳50祭」                            Tracking and Mixing

SEVEN TEEN                               WOWOW「2017 SEVEN TEEN 1ST WORLD TOUR」                                  Tracking and Mixing

マシュー モリソン                        WOWOW「マシューモリソンin Concert」                                             Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                              WOWOW「Songs & Friends produced by 武部聡志」                           Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                    tv asahi「Good! Morining」                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

SEVENTEEN                                 Forthcoming CD「」                                                                                    Mixing

Chay                                               Online「ずっと きっと 叶う」                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

川島 あい                                        Forthcoming Album                                                                                     Tracking and Mixing

足立 佳奈                                        Online「私今あなたに恋をしています」                                                   Tracking

藤澤 ノリマサ                                Album「POP OPERA」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                              NTV「MUSIC DAY 2018」                                                                            Tracking and Mixing

Chay                                               Online「3人のうた」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

岡本 真夜                                        Album「Happy Days」                                                                                Tracking and Mixing

大比良 瑞希                                    Album「unify」                                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

松任谷由実                                     WOWOW「ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2018」                                           Mixing

SEVENTEEN                                 WOWOW「2018 SEVEN TEEN CONCERT I DEAL CUT IN JAPAN」 Tracking and Mixing


Various Artists                              Album「麻布ハレー」                                                                                  Engineer and Mixing

WeiWei Wuu                                 Album「Legacy」                                                                                         Tracking and Mixing

Endless Rice                                          「」                                                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

Anly                                                Album「anly one」                                                                                      Tracking

武部 聡志                                       WOWOW「武部聡志Original Award Show Happy 60」03.26 O.A       Tracking and Mixing

CHEMISTRY                                 WOWOW「CHEMISTRY LIVE 2017 TWO」LIVE                                          ON AIR Engineer

山崎 育三郎                                    Album「」                                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

NOBU                                            Single「いま、太陽に向かって咲く花」                                                   Tracking and Mixing

JANG KEUN-SUK                        Album「Voyage」                                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

トニー賞コンサート                     WOWOW「トニー賞コンサートin TOKYO」                                          Mixing

大比良 瑞希                                         Online「Real Love」                                                                                     Tracking and Mixing

SEVENTEEN                                           WOWOW「2017 SEVEN TEEN 1ST WORLD TOUR」                                 Tracking and Mixing

荒木 とよひさ                                     Single「我何処へ」                                                                                       Mixing

森山 良子                                             Album「オールタイムリクエスト」                                                          Mixing

天童 よしみ                                         Single「人生賛歌」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                                   Album「Sweets Wonderland」                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

大比良 瑞希                                         Online「アロエの花」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                                   Album「阿久悠・メモリアルソングス」                                                  Tracking and Mixing

大比良 瑞希                                         Online「見えない糸 〜Never Be The Lonely One」                               Tracking and Mixing

Disney On CLASSIC                          WOWOW「Disney On CLLASSIC 2017」                                                    Tracking and Mixing

BENI & 松任谷 由実                           Privilege「(南の)恋人がサンタクロース」                                                 Tracking and Mixing

ザンジバルナイト                               TOKYO MX「ザンジバルナイト2017」                                                    Mixing

Dady Long Legs                                  DVD「Dady Long Legs 足ながおじさんより」                                      Mixing

山崎 育三郎                                         Single「Begining」                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

葉加瀬 太郎                                         WOWOW「葉加瀬太郎 コンサートツアー2017 VIOLINISM III」         ON AIR, Tracking and Mixing 

Disney On CLASSIC                             WOWOW「Disney On CLLASSIC ジルベスターコンサート」           ON AIR, Tracking and Mixing

CHEMISTRY                                          Single「Windy / ユメノツヅキ」初回生産限定版                                   DVD Tracking






樋口 了一                                             「」                                                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

華原 朋美                                             DVD「TOMOMI KAHARA 20th Anniversary Live」                                  Tracking and Mixing

mayo                                                     Album「always love you」                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

華原 朋美                                             Single「君がそばで」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

MILLEA                                                  Album「星の詩」                                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

WeiWei Wuu                                         Album「ウェイウェイズ・カフェタイム」                                              Tracking and Mixing

Saluke                                                    Album「Lots of love 」                                                                               Tracking and Mixing

大比良 瑞希                                         Album「TRUE ROMANCE」                                                                        Engineer and Mixing

渡る世間は鬼ばかり                           Incidental Music「」                                                                                    Tracking and Mixing

古澤 剛                                                 Single「仲間だろ」                                                                                       Tracking, Mixing & Photographer

岡本 真夜                                             Album「Love Story」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

山崎 育三郎                                         Album「1936」                                                                                              Tracking and Mixing

JANG KEUN-SUK                                 Single「Darling Darling」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

JANG KEUN-SUK                                 Single「Endless Summer」                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「Cornerstones 6」                                                                           Tracking and Engineer

樋口 了一                                             Single「小さき花の唄」                                                                               Tracking and Mixing

古澤 剛                                                 Single「Color」                                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

JUJU                                                      Album「スナックJUJU」                                                                            Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「宇宙図書館」                                                                                  Engineer

松任谷 由実                                         WOWOW「松任谷由実「宇宙図書館」~解体新書~」11.05                Tracking and Mixing

Disney On CLASSIC                             BS「Disney On CLLASSIC 2016」                                                                Tracking and Mixing

寺尾 聰                                                 WOWOW「AKIRA TERAO The Precious Live Tokyo」01.15 O.A             Mixing                   



華原 朋美                                             DVD「TOMOMI KAHARA CONCERT TOUR 2014 MEMORIES」             Tracking and Mixing

WeiWei Wuu                                         Album「ウェイウェイズ・アンソロジー」                                              Tracking and Mixing

MOZART                                               DVD帝国劇場 ミュージカル「モーツァルト」                                      Tracking and Mixing

Char                                                       Album「ROCK十」                                                                                      Mixing

華原 朋美                                             Single「はじまりのうたが聴こえる」                                                       Tracking and Mixing

くまモン                                               Movieくまモンショートフィルム「くまもとで、まってるII」          Tracking and Mixing

井上 芳雄                                             WOWOW「Yoshio Inoue sings Disney One Night Dream !」               Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「3 STEPS & MORE.」                                                                        Engineer

WeiWei Wuu                                         Album「企業用」                                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 由美子                                         Album「LAST SONG 〜人生を彩る奇跡の歌」                                       Tracking and Mixing

コレナンデ商会                                   NHK T.V. Show「コレナンデ商会」                                                           Tracking and Mixing

古澤 剛                                                 Album「Dear My Friend」                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

華原 朋美                                             DVD「」                                                                                                         Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                                      WOWOW「僕らのミュージカル・ソング」                                             Tracking and Mixing

Char                                                       Album CD&DVD「ROCK十EVE」                                                            TrackiMixing

華原 朋美                                             WOWOW「デビュー20周年記念LIVE at Billboard Live TOKYO」        Tracking and Mixing

Disney On CLASSIC                             WOWOW「Disney On CLLASSIC まほうの夜の音楽会2015」             Tracking and Mixing

華原 朋美                                             Album「MEMORIES 3」                                                                               Engineer and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「Your Christmas Day III」                                                              Tracking and Engineer












藤沢 ノリマサ                                     DVD「藤澤ノリマサ CONCERT TOUR 2013」                                         Tracking and Mixing

文月 メイ                                             Album「She is.」                                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

華原 朋美                                             Album「MEMORIES - Kahara Covers」                                                     Tracking and Mixing

加山 雄三                                             Album「加山雄三 ライブ・イン 日本武道舘」                                      Tracking and Mixing

藤沢 ノリマサ                                     Album「Sogno〜夢〜」                                                                            Tracking and Mixing

IL DIVO                                                  WOWOW「イル・デイーヴォ ライブ・イン・ジャパン」                   Tracking and Mixing

指田 郁也                                             Single「hello-EP」                                                                                        Engineer

Various Artists                                      WOWOW「ジャズ・ピアノ・6連弾」                                                      Planning, Tracking and Mixing

華原 朋美                                             Album「MEMORIES 2」                                                                               Tracking and Mixing

平松 愛理                                             Forthcoming Album「」                                                                             Tracking

岡部 磨知                                             Album「」                                                                                                      Engineer

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「Your Christmas Day II」                                                               Tracking and Mixing

Endless Rice                                          Single「結婚写真」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

国府 弘子                                             Album「ピアノ一丁」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

Disney On CLASSIC                             WOWOW「Disney On CLLASSIC Happiness with You」                        Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         DVD「POP CLASSICO 2014」10.05 On the Air                                          Tracking and Mixing

ユーミンx 帝劇                                  WOWOW「ユーミンx 帝劇」2015.1.02 On the Air                                 Tracking and Mixing

島田 昌典                                             WOWOW「Great Studio Live at BUDOKAN」11.14 On the Air             Tracking and Mixing



寺岡 呼人                                             WOWOW「Golden Circle Vol. 17 Anniversary For Yuming 」             Tracking and Mixing

華原 朋美                                             Album「DREAM-Self Cover Best」                                                             Tracking and Mixing

指田 郁也                                             Single「バラッド」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

加山 雄三                                             Album「MESSAGE 加山雄三J-Standardを唄う」                                Tracking and Mixing

舘 ひろし                                             WOWOW「HIROSHI TACHI IN THE MMOD 2013」                                  Tracking and Mixing

WeiWei Wuu                                         Album「上海ルンバ」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「POP CLASSICO」                                                                            Tracking

文月 メイ                                             Single「ママ」                                                                                               Tracking and Mixing

指田 郁也                                             Album「しろくろ」                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

Disney On CLASSIC                             WOWOW「Disney On CLLASSIC Happiness with You」                        Tracking and Mixing

プラシド・ドミンゴ                           WOWOW「プラシド・ドミンゴ コンサート・イン・ジャパン」       Tracking and Mixing

佐藤竹善                                               Album「Your Christmas Day」                                                                  Tracking



指田 郁也                                             Single「花になれ」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Single「恋をリリース」                                                                               Tracking

小松 亮太                                             WOWOW「ミュージックスタイルワールド」                                         Tracking and Mixing

指田 郁也                                             Single「パラレル=」                                                                                    Tracking and Mixing

藤澤 ノリマサ                                     Album「Sing For You」                                                                              Tracking and Mixing

芦田 愛菜                                             Single「星に願いを」                                                                                   Tracking

一青 窈                                                 Album「一青十色」                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         DVD「Concert Tour 2011 Road Show」                                                   Tracking and Mixing

Disney On Classic                                WOWOW「Disney On CLLASSIC Dreams Come True」                          Tracking and Mixing

ユーミンx 帝劇                                  WOWOW「ユーミンx 帝劇」                                                                    Tracking and Mixing

樋口了一                                               Album「了〜はじまりの風」                                                                      Tracking and Mixing










Various Artists                                      WOWOW「Act Against AIDS 2011」                                                          Tracking and Engineer

akiko                                                      Album「Across the Universe」                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Single「東北芸術工科大学校歌」                                                               Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                                      WOWOW「WARNER MUSIC JAPAN 100年MUSIC FESTIVAL」             Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「Road Show」                                                                                 Tracking and Engineer

Various Artists                                      WOWOW「VOICES meets Romantic Beat-Pray for Stars」                     Tracking and Mixing



akiko                                                      Album「BEST 2005-2010」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

槇原 敬之                                             YTV「ベストヒット歌謡祭2010」                                                             Tracking and Mixing

いきものがかり                                   Album「いきものばかり」                                                                          Tracking

久保田 利伸                                         WOWOW「Concert Tour "Timeless Fly"」                                                 Tracking and Mixing

中澤 信栄                                             Single「きみのいない世界」                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

今井 美樹                                             WOWOW「VOICES feat. 今井美樹& Friends」                                       Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                                      WOWOW「ライヴW卒業のうた」                                                            Tracking and Mixing

加山 雄三                                             Album「若大将!50周年」                                                                         Tracking and Mixing

谷村 新司                                             Album「音標〜Voice to Voice」                                                                Engineer

Wei Wei Wu                                          Album「Back to the...」                                                                              Tracking

矢島美容室                                           Single「アイドルみたいに唄わせて」                                                       Tracking

砂川 恵里歌                                         Single「一粒の種」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

鈴木 雅之                                             Single「君の街に行くよ」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Single「ダンスのように抱きよせたい」                                                   Tracking and Engineer

樋口 了一                                             Album「よろこびのうた」                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

井上 あずみ                                         Album「ジブリ名曲セレクションDear GHIBLI」                                   Tracking and Mixing



RUA                                                       Single「YES,WE CAN!」                                                                                Tracking and Mixing

SALT&SUGAR                                       Album「Interactive」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                                      WOWOW「ライヴW卒業のうた」                                                            Tracking and Mixing

中村 中                                                 Album「明日は晴れますように」                                                              Tracking

まきちゃんぐ                                       Single「愛の滴」                                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

いきものがかり                                   Single「YELL / じょいふる」                                                                      Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         WOWOW「TRANSIT WOW FES! SPECIAL」                                                Tracking and Mixing

SHUUBI                                                 Single「Takaramono」                                                                                Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         Album「そしてもう一度夢見るだろう」                                                  Tracking and Engineer

樋口 了一                                             CD & DVD 「時計台アコースティックライブ」                                     MIXING















佐藤 竹善                                             Album「LIVE WITH the CORNERSTONES '07」                                        Mixing

SOFFet                                                   Album「NEW STANDARD」                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

mihimaru GT                                        Single「ギリギリHERO」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

surface                                                   Single「素直な虹」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

和田アキ子feat.一青窈                       Album「わだ家」                                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

牧野 由依                                             Album「マキノユイ。」                                                                                Tracking and Mixing

阿久悠トリビュート                           Album「歌鬼(Ga-Ki)」                                                                              Tracking and Mixing

Various Artists                                      WOWOW「ライヴW卒業のうた」3.29 ON AIR                                     Tracking and Mixing

ASUKA                                                   Forthcoming Single「」                                                                              Tracking

JiLL-Decoy association                       Album「ジルデコ2」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

mihimaru GT                                        Album「」                                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

奥村 初音                                             Single「」                                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

黒瀬 真奈美                                         Album「」                                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

青山 テルマ                                         Forthcoming Album「」                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

岡野 宏典                                             Forthcoming Album「」                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

新垣 結衣                                             Album「」                                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

樋口 了一                                             Single「手紙」                                                                                               Tracking and Mixing

akiko                                                      Album「STYLE」                                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

akiko                                                      Album「SPLIT」                                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

John-Hoon                                          Forthcoming Album「」                                                                             Mixing

ALvino                                                   Album「alone」                                                                                            Tracking and Mixing

Nao West                                              Forthcoming Single「」                                                                              Tracking and Mixing

My Little Lover                                     Album「アイデンティティ」                                                                      Tracking and Mixing



松任谷 由実                                         Album「SEASONS COLOURS  春夏撰曲集」                                          Mastering Supervisor

佐藤 竹善                                             Single「FOUR WORLDS」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「INDIGO」                                                                                        Tracking

佐藤 竹善                                             BS-Fuji「welcome to my room Vol.2」                                                     Tracking and Mixing 

KUMAMI                                               Album「VITAL」                                                                                            Tracking and Mixing

FUTABA                                                 Forthcoming Album「」                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

KUMAMI                                               Album「But.. life goes on」                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Single「人魚姫」                                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「ウタヂカラCornerstones 4」                                                      Tracking and Mixing

BREAD&BUTTER                                  WOWOW「湘南 カフェ ブレッド&バターライブ」                               Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「SEASONS COLOURS  秋冬撰曲集」                                          Mastering Supervisor



森山 直太朗                                         DVD「君は五番目の季節」                                                                         Tracking and Mixing

森山 直太朗                                         Album「風待ち交差点」                                                                              Tracking and Mixing

平原 綾香                                             Single「晩夏」                                                                                               Tracking

森山 直太朗                                         Single「風になって」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「A GIRL IN SUMMER」                                                                   Tracking and Engineer

広瀬 香美                                             Album「gift+」                                                                                             Engineer and Mixing

CRAZY CATS & YUMING                   Single「Still Crazy For You」                                                                      Tracking and Engineer

倖田 來未                                             Single「Somebody / Boys♡Girls」                                                           Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善& フレンズ                       Album「introducing CROSS YOUR FINGERS 2」                                   Mixing

大黒 摩季...etc                                     Album「WANNA BE THE PIANO MAN」                                                   Tracking and Mixing

樋口 了一                                             Single「windy train」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

クリスタルキング                               Single「愛をとりもどせ!! (MOVIE ver.)」                                                  Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「Big Time ~Okra tour 2005-2006~」                                            Mixing

RYTHEM                                                Single「願い」                                                                                               Tracking and Mixing






佐藤 竹善                                             Single「風光る」                                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「Okra」                                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Single「今日も君に恋をした」                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

佐藤 竹善& SOFFet with....              Single「GOOD MORINI' GOOD ROLLIN'」                                              Tracking and Mixing

森山 直太朗                                         DVD「森の人」                                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

森山 直太朗                                         Single「小さな恋の夕間暮れ」                                                                   Engineer and Mixing

宗次郎                                                   Forthcoming Album「」                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

樋口 了一                                             Single「ほ」                                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

倖田 來未                                             Single「feel」                                                                                                 Tracking and Mixing

ユンナ                                                   Album「Go! Younha」                                                                                Mixing

SLAPxSLAP                                            Album「Hit and away」                                                                              Mixing



柴田 淳                                                 Album「ひとり」                                                                                          Engineer, Tracking and Mixing

柴田 淳                                                 DVD「LIVE AT GLORIA CHAPEL」                                                              Mixing

the pillows                                            Album「SYNCHRONIZED ROCKERS」                                                      Tracking and Mixing

Lover Callots                                        Forthcoming Album「」                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

上戸 彩                                                 Album「MESSAGE」                                                                                     Engineer and Mixing

小曽根 真                                             Album「OZ MEETS JAZZ」                                                                          Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「VIVA! 6x7」                                                                                     Engineer

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「Coner Stones 3」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing



松任谷 由実                                         Album「Yuming Compositions : FACES」                                               Tracking

Luv Handles                                         Single「」                                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

八千草 薫                                             Album「きりんのなみだ」                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

柴田 淳                                                 Album「ため息」                                                                                          Engineer, Tracking and Mixing

柴田 淳                                                 Single「あなたとの日々」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

Sing Like Talking                                 Album「RENASCENE」                                                                                Tracking and Mixing

Sing Like Talking                                 Single「Borderland」                                                                                  Engineer and Mixing

森山 良子                                             Forthcoming Single「」                                                                             Tracking and Mixing                 

松本 英子 藤田 千章...                      Single「太陽が呼んでいる」                                                                       Tracking and Mixing



Luv Handles                                         Album「BLUES POP MAN」                                                                        Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「WINGS OF WINTER, SHADES OF SUMMER」                            Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         DVD「Surf & Snow in Zushi Marina」                                                       Direction and Tracking

Sing Like Talking                                 Single「A Crown」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

柴田 淳                                                 Single「片思い」                                                                                           Engineer and Mixing

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「Corner Stones 2」                                                                         Tracking and Mixing

COVER                                                   Single「SPIRAL」                                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

松下 萌子                                             Forthcoming Single                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

Whiteberry                                           Single                                                                                                               Tracking

Do As Infinity                                       Album「Do The Best」                                                                                Tracking and Mixing

Sing Like Talking                                 Single「回想の詩」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

Crystal Kay                                            Album「637 always and forever」                                                              Tracking and Mixing

Sing Like Talking                                 T.V. Show「Tour METABOLISM」                                                               ON AIR Engineer





松任谷 由実                                         Single「PARTNER SHIP」                                                                             Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         Album「Acacia」                                                                                          Tracking

Do As Infinity                                       Single「D」                                                                                                    Mixing

田中 秀典                                             Single「Strawberry Season」                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

Crystal Kay                                            Album「almost seventeen」                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

Tohko                                                    Album「10+5」                                                                                             Tracking and Mixing

Sing Like Talking                                 Album「ROUND ABOUT」                                                                         Tracking

Sing Like Talking                                 Album「METAPOLIZM」                                                                              Tracking

Sound Track                                         The Sound of "Beauty Seven"                                                                      Tracking and Mixing



Something Else                                    Single                                                                                                               Tracking

織田 裕二                                             Album                                                                                                              Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Single「ざわめき」                                                                                       Tracking

佐藤 竹善                                             Album「ALIVE and KICK'IN」                                                                     Mixing                                             

SMAP                                                     Album                                                                                                              Engineer

郷ひろみ 松田聖子                             Single「True Love Story,さよならのKISSを忘れない」                        Engineer

岡本 真夜                                             Live Video「Rise」                                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

Shammon                                             Album「Shammon」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

Tohko                                                    Single「PUZZLE」                                                                                         Tracking and Mixing

上田まり                                               Single                                                                                                               Tracking

岡本 真夜                                             Best Album「Rise I」                                                                                    Supervisor and Mixing

岡本 真夜                                             Live Video「魔法のリングにKISSをして」                                              Tracking and Mixing

1650 B' WAY                                         Single                                                                                                               Mixing

Do As Infinity                                       Album「Break Of Dawn」                                                                           Engineer

Do As Infinity                                       Single「」                                                                                                       Engineer

Pocket Biscuits                                     Single「millennium」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

遠藤 久美子                                         Album「夢ロケッツ」                                                                                  Tracking and Engineer 

木村 佳乃                                             Album「GIRL」                                                                                             Tracking



吉野 沙香                                             Single「ざわめき」                                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

大賀 埜々                                             Single「Good bye Girl」                                                                             Mixing

岡本 真夜                                             Album「魔法のリングにKISSをして」                                                    Mixing

岡本 真夜                                             Single「この星空の彼方」                                                                           Mixing

釈 由美子                                             Single「セカンドチャンス」                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

S.E.S                                                       Album「REACH OUT」                                                                                Engineer

松任谷 由実                                         Album「Frozen and Roses」                                                                      Co-Producing and Tracking 

松任谷 由実                                         Live Video                                                                                                       Direction, Tracking and Mixing

AIRA                                                       Single「」                                                                                                       Mixing

1650 B' WAY                                         Single「slowdancer」                                                                                  Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Album「ART OF DREAMS」                                                                      Tracking and Engineer 





西城 秀樹                                             Single「2Rから始めよう」                                                                         Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Album「S.K」                                                                                                Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Single「月がきっと見ているから」                                                           Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Single「Hi Hi High」                                                                                    Tracking and Mixing

岡本 真夜                                             Album「HELLO」                                                                                          Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         Album「Neue Musik」                                                                                 Supervisor and Tracking

加藤 いづみ                                         Album「Spring-a-ring-a-ring」                                                                 Tracking



松任谷 由実                                         Album「WAVE OF THE ZUVUYA」                                                            Co-Producing and Tracking 

松任谷 由実                                         Single「Sunny day Holiday」                                                                     Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「Cowgirl Dreamin' 」                                                                    Co-Producing and Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         Single「告白」                                                                                               Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Sound Track「時をかける少女」                                                               Tracking and Mixing

崎谷 健次郎                                         Single「GET STARTED」                                                                               Tracking and Mixing

崎谷 健次郎                                         Single「Domani」                                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

LaLa Factory                                         Album「B.A.S.E」                                                                                          Tracking



松任谷 由実                                         Single「最後の嘘」                                                                                       Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing

荒井 由実                                             Single「まちぶせ」                                                                                       Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing

荒井 由実                                             Video「Yumi Arai The Concert with old Friends」                                 Tracking and Mixing                   

熊谷 幸子                                             Maxi Single「YOU AND I」                                                                         Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Maxi Single「Bahia」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

中山 美穂                                             Album「Deep Lip French」                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

Samarie                                                 Album「」                                                                                                      Tracking



松任谷 由実                                         Album「Kathmandu」                                                                                Co-Producing and Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         Single「輪舞曲」                                                                                           Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Video「IN TO THE DANCING SUN」                                                         Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Album「Good Morning Funny Girl」                                                      Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Sound Track「私の運命」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Single「Rhapsody in Love」                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Single「LOVE...」                                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

崎谷 健次郎                                         Single「抱きしめたい」                                                                               Tracking and Mixing

崎谷 健次郎                                         Album「MY GRAFFITI」                                                                               Tracking

中村 あゆみ                                         Single「キライになれない」                                                                       Tracking and Mixing

中村 あゆみ                                         Album「Cry Baby」                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

加藤 いづみ                                         Album「French kiss」                                                                                  Tracking











松任谷 由実                                         Album「THE DANCING SUN」                                                                   Co-Producing and Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         Single「春よ、来い」                                                                                   Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing 

松任谷 由実                                         Single「Hello, my friend」                                                                          Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing

By-Sexual                                              Album「94 Love」                                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Album「夏子の酒」                                                                                      Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Album「Poison Kiss」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Single「風と雲と私」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

崎谷 健次郎                                         Single「Rooms」                                                                                          Tracking and Mixing

崎谷 健次郎                                         Single「遅すぎると僕は思えない」                                                           Tracking and Mixing

崎谷 健次郎                                         Album「delicate」                                                                                        Tracking and Mixing

高嶋 政宏                                             Album「ZERO」                                                                                            Tracking and Mixing

寺岡 呼人                                             Single「潮騒」                                                                                               Tracking and Mixing

寺岡 呼人                                             Album「RHAPSODY」                                                                                 Tracking

To Be Continued                                 Album「BEYOND THE LIGHT」                                                                  Tracking

山口 由子                                             Album「しあわせのみつけかた」                                                              Tracking



米村 裕美                                             Album「うたをうたえば」                                                                          Direction, Tracking and Mixing

永作 博美                                                                                                                                                                       Engineer

崎谷 健次郎                                         Album「HOLIDAYS」                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Album「U-miz」                                                                                           Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing

松任谷 由実                                         Single「真夏の夜の夢」                                                                               Co-Producing, Tracking and Mixing

熊谷 幸子                                             Album「虹の彼方に」                                                                                  Tracking and Mixing




カールスモーキー石井& Yuming   Single「愛のWAVE」                                                                                   Tracking

熊谷 幸子                                             Album「ART OF DREAMS」                                                                        Tracking

松任谷 由実                                         Album「Tears and Reasons」                                                                     Tracking

崎谷 健次郎                                         Album「BOTANY OF LOVE」                                                                      Tracking

崎谷 健次郎                                         Single「HEVENLY SKY」                                                                              Tracking

米村 裕美                                             Single「素直になりたい」                                                                           Tracking and Mixing

古賀 森男                                                                                                                                                                       Tracking

山本 英美                                             Single「クリスマスインザブルー」                                                           Tracking

BY-SEXUAL                                           Video「FILM BY-SEXUAL 4 ~Cracker Shop 24h~」                                 Tracking and Mixing

Hi-Fi SET                                                                                                                                                                         Tracking

Katsumi                                                 Video「ROSE IS A ROSE Concert Tour 1992」                                          Tracking

渡辺 満里奈                                                                                                                                                                   Tracking and Mixing                   



崎谷 健次郎                                         Album「ambivalence」                                                                               Tracking

崎谷 健次郎                                         Album「REMIX WORKS夏」                                                                       Mixing

KATSUMI                                               Album「ONE」                                                                                              Tracking & Mixing

KATSUMI                                               Album「ROSE IS A ROSE」                                                                          Tracking & Mixing



Febienne                                               Album「Colours」                                                                                        Engineer



斉藤 由貴                                             Album「アージュ」                                                                                      Tracking

井上 陽水                                             Album「Negative」                                                                                      Tracking

谷村 有美                                             Single「がんばれブロークン・ハート」                                                   Engineer





工藤 静香                                             Album「gradation」                                                                                    Engineer

斉藤 満喜子                                         Single「やりたい放題」                                                                               Engineer

ゆうゆ                                                   Album「こってるネ!」                                                                              Engineer



THE BLUE HEARTS                               Single「ひとにやさしく」                                                                           Tracking

原田 知世                                             Album「Schmatz」                                                                                      Engineer and Photographer

今井 美樹                                             Album「elfin」                                                                                              Engineer

工藤 静香

種 ともこ